Suppliers IT

BPC Group consultants have worked out a special training program for advanced IT systems providers in the area of product offer diversification and market expansion. This workshops are also valuable support for managers, who:

  • Are looking for market niches of advanced solutions;
  • Want to enter the new IT solutions on the Polish market;
  • Consider building of new purchase channel or want to verify
    the competencies of own dealer’s network partners;
  • Want to strengthen the competitiveness of their offer
    in selected market segments.

Training schedule includes the following topics:

1. Entering IT solutions on Polish market.
Investments plans of Polish enterprises with employment rate 150 – 1000 for yers 2016 – 2017 in area of advanced IT solutions supporting whole enterprise management;Characteristics of selected economic sectors with discussion on specific processes and legal conditions (branches dynamics, number of potential clients, legal agreements);Decision-making sources – who makes investments decisions and how do the system selection processes look like / in enterprises with employment rate up to 150 employees; 150 – 500; over 500.

2. Distribution channels building.
IT suppliers and IT systems market in Poland. Structure and characteristics of IT suppliers market in Poland. Indication of the most important suppliers of applications supporting whole enterprise management (ERP), manufacturing (MES, APS), logistics and warehousing areas (WMS).Discussion on sales models of advanced IT solutions on the Polish market with analysis of the most important distribution channels (partners recommendations and different types of provided support).Ways of suppliers selection and competencies verification.