This training give the managers of large and medium-sized enterprises the knowledge, that is essential at all stages of IT solution selection – from business processes analysis, by solution selection, unto legal protection. The program of this educational meeting has been worked out on the basis of BPC Group Consultants experience from advisory services in several hundred enterprises. The program is an answer for actual needs of managers. Materials analyzed during the meeting are based on real documents, that are used in practice, such as:

  • Business processes analysis customized for enterprises;
  • Request for proposal worked out by enterprises;
  • Offers given by IT suppliers to enterprises, therein letters and reference documents.

The training for enterprise managers are mainly focused on practical aspect of given knowledge. It indicate mistakes, that enterprises make on different stages of IT solution selection process, such as:

  • Budgeting;
  • Project schedule making;
  • Steering committee setting;
  • Offer request making;
  • Solutions presentation;
  • Business talks and negotiations with IT vendors;
  • Legal agreements making.

Training schedule includes the following topics:

1. Business analytics.
The most important steps that you need to take before IT system selection.
The most common mistakes in conducting a business analysis.
Construction/ preparation of business processes in terms of IT systems.

2. Preparation of request for proposal.
How to write request for proposal? – structure, content and appropriate methodology.
The most common mistakes in preparation of request for proposal.
Request for proposal in terms of differential market of IT solutions.Suppliers selection according to request for proposal / Structure and characteristics
of IT suppliers market in Poland. Indication of the most important suppliers of applications
supporting whole enterprise management (ERP), manufacturing (MES, APS), logistics
and warehousing areas (WMS).

3. Organization of IT system selection processes.
Budget, project scheduling, composition of the steering committee
– the most common mistakes, tips to avoid them.
Methodology of IT systems presentations organizing.
Methodology of conducting reference visits.

4. IT suppliers/ IT systems market analysis.
Current structure and characteristics of the Polish IT market.
Methods for comparing the offers and the competence of IT system suppliers.
References – how to verify, manipulation techniques.
Sales techniques used by IT systems suppliers.

5. Legal aspect of IT system selection.
Types of contracts signed in the framework of the IT system selection process.
Key entries in agreement, which protect business and financial interest of the enterprise.
Most common mistakes in the process of signing agreements.